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Why Work Place Safety is Important to Me: My Story

by Bill Pierce

Thoughts and Musings Posted On September 28, 2018

After moving to Arizona in 1985, I took a temporary job as yard man at a cotton gin until I found work in the engineering industry.  This job involved driving a tractor with a tilt-bed trailer, hauling bales of cotton and spotting them in the proper locations in the distribution yard.  This job involved working 12 hours a day; 7 days a week.

One night, after dropping a load at the distribution yard, I…

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How to Help Bill


Campaign Info Posted On September 17, 2018

Step one for ensuring miner safety, environmental protection and accountability for mining companies is to get Bill elected! We have a good shot at doing that, which will be made better with your help! You can help by becoming a Bill Pierce Ambassador!

Sign up on the website or email Tamara. As an Ambassador, the campaign will send you materials, t-shirt, button, and information on Bill. From there, you can use them…

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We Need to Secure Abandoned Mines


Uncategorized Posted On September 10, 2018

Arizona has at least 1,500 unsecured abandoned mines, and nearly 600 unsecured abandoned uranium mines.  Estimates are that there are as many as 10,000-20,000 abandoned mines in Arizona. I hear from adventurers as I travel the state asking to keep these mines open as they like to explore them. However, this is a dangerous pastime as you will see below. Many of these mines must be secured for the safety of residents, children and…

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