The natural environment is one of Arizona’s most precious resources. Its protection must be balanced with the need for mining.

    As a Radiation Safety Officer, it is Bill’s duty to inform the public of potential hazards from radioactive materials such as uranium. Uranium is water soluble. If left unchecked, it can easily permeate streams and aquifers, poisoning the water supply for plants, animals and humans alike. Additionally, most of the 8,600 mining claims (mostly uranium), are in the Grand Canyon region, with the potential to destroy this beautiful natural resource, and the Colorado River, which provides water for up to 40 million Americans and Mexico.

    With Bill’s certification from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and EPA training in erosion control and groundwater protection, he is uniquely qualified to inspect uranium and other mines, and to inform the public of potential hazards.

Paid for by Pierce for Mine Inspector, Authorized by William "Bill" Pierce

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